SigmaRoc – Carrières du Hainaut

Year: 2023

Carrières du Hainaut, a part of SigmaRoc since 2019, is a notable Belgian company specializing in the extraction and processing of bluestone, also known as Belgian Blue Stone. This natural stone is renowned for its unique characteristics and has been used for centuries in a variety of construction, decoration, and architectural projects. Carrières du Hainaut is recognized for its expertise in working with this material, offering a range of products and services related to bluestone.

From a desire to show the magnitude of the Carrières du Hainaut extraction site to visitors of fairs that SigmaRoc attends, the idea of a VR experience ‘A Day in the Quarry’ was born. It’s a visual and auditory experience, without narration but purely an insight into the goings on at this bluestone quarry.

We used drone shots to capture the grandure of the site, while our Insta360 Titan takes you closer to massive machinery than you’d like to be in real life.

Client: SigmaRoc / Carrières du Hainaut
Production: VR Gorilla
DOP & Aerial: Daan Tan
Camera operator: Rob van Kollenburg
Audio engineer & sound design: