Licensing Our Content

VR Gorilla offers a selection of original content available for licensing.

Over the years we have produced quite a few 360 VR videos, mainly within the travel domain but also some human interest and nature/animal footage.

A complete list of work that’s available for licensing can be found on our YouTube channel. Click here to discover the list.

Please feel free to contact us to receive the most up-to-date overview of content and prices. We’d be happy to discuss how to best implement our content into your product or campaign, and to see which type of licensing best suits your purpose.

All our content is available for licensing ‘as is’, but can also be moderated to you specific wishes. For instance, most of our footage can be upgraded to 8K or delivered without -or with alternative- narration.



We have been producing original content from the moment we started shooting 360 video back in 2015.

We wanted to freely experiment and felt the need to create content that had no hidden agenda. To make stuff people would be interested in watching, just because it’s cool content, or because we want to share a certain message.

One of the early ideas was to start a virtual reality travel program, which we would name ‘A Gorilla Travels‘. The very first episode (Amsterdam) was published in 2015 and over the course of the last few years we managed to shoot quite a large number of episodes, as well as other content. And you can be sure that we will be producing much more content in the time to come as well!

We hope you have enjoyed our content and we look forward to collaborating with you on your awesome product or campaign.

VR Travel

One of our main interests in shooting VR is travel. The reason as that from the beginning we realised that virtual reality offers a unique opportunity to travel and experience places, without actually having to go there.

Our first guided tour was one of our home city of Amsterdam, back in 2015. From there on we didn’t let any opportunity go to waste and brought one of our VR cameras with us on pretty much every holiday or work related travel. This has resulted in a growing number of episodes of what we’ve dubbed ‘A Gorilla Travels’.

Our YouTube playlist ‘360 VR Travel and Safari Videos‘ is our most successfull playlist to date. All videos in the playlist are available for licensing, so don’t hesitate to contact us in case you are interested in using our content for your campaign or product.

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