VR Gorilla is your partner in creating unique virtual reality experiences. Our award-winning studio in the heart of Amsterdam, offers a wide range of services that allow you to use virtual reality and 360 video production for your business or organization.

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Why choose VR Gorilla?

  • A well-known name in the VR Film world since 2015
  • Extensive experience with international productions for well-known organizations
  • Only works with the highest quality VR Cameras and the latest technologies
  • Strong in storytelling in VR.
  • Focus on positive impact
  • Awarded various accolades (Spin-Award, Lovie-Award, Lamp and multiple film festival wins)

The empathy machine

Storytelling in VR is a powerful tool to create social change. VR video can evoke empathy like no other medium, as it allows viewers to experience reality through someone else’s eyes. This creates a deeper connection between viewers and the people in the stories and the missions of the organizations.

Over the years, we have worked on many projects for NGOs, where our VR films have been successfully used for fundraising, raising awareness, social change, and presenting projects.

For Stichting Vluchteling, we depicted the living conditions in refugee camps in Iraq and Congo through personal stories of their residents. We traveled for the Swiss NGO Witch/Eper to Lebanon to make a film about the daily life of Fadia, a 14-year-old Palestinian-Syrian refugee, in the Shatila refugee camp. In Kenya, we followed the Maasai girl Sereya for Amref Flying Doctors during her Alternative Rite of Passage.

Closer to home, we collaborated with Fabrique and the municipality of Eindhoven within the Bubble Games consortium on a case study titled “As if I already know you.” This project aims to counteract hardening attitudes and prevent polarization in society.

Recently, we produced a documentary in Sumatra for IDH, highlighting the success of the ‘landscape approach.’ This is a collaborative project between farmers, rangers, NGOs, and the government, focused on sustainable palm oil cultivation and reforestation.

In short, we have we have extensive experience in tackling complex subjects and telling human stories. Additionally, we are experienced in productions in distant countries, sometimes under difficult or vulnerable conditions. We tell your story as well as possible, with attention and respect for the people we collaborate with.

Our Approach

Concept and strategy
Each project starts with an in-depth conversation in which we discuss your vision, goals and the specific needs of your target audience. Together, we identify the key elements we want to highlight to create a VR experience that truly resonates with your audience and tells your story in the most impactful way.

Planning and preparation
We develop a custom script and a detailed production plan. This includes everything from location selection to the specific scenarios we want to capture. Additionally, we arrange permits and prepare for any necessary travel, in collaboration with you.

Using the latest VR technologies and an eye for detail, we bring the story you want to tell to life. We work closely with your team to ensure that each scene has the right content quality and contributes to the goal of the VR experience. Our team is experienced in working under challenging conditions and always works with respect and integrity for people and nature.

After filming, we ensure a powerful montage that tells your message as well as possible. Together, we perfect the VR video with additions such as music, titles, sound design, and possibly a voice-over. We continue until you are completely satisfied with the final product.

We provide seamless integration and user-friendly access, including a custom app and plug-and-play solutions for Meta and Pico VR headsets. This way, you can easily use your VR film for fundraising, education, or presentations.

Cardboard VR
For broad accessibility, we also offer the option to send VR cardboards, allowing your audience to experience the VR content at home, directly from their smartphone.

Make Your Mission Felt
Are you ready to harness the power of VR for your NGO or social enterprise? Contact us for a free consultation or request an indicative quote

IRC Congo refugee project

IDH Aceh Sustainable Palm Oil

Amref Flying Doctors FGM

Bubble Games Polarization

Stichting Vluchteling Iraq