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VR Gorilla is your partner in creating unique virtual reality experiences. VR Gorilla is your partner in creating unique virtual reality experiences. Our award-winning studio, located in the heart of Amsterdam, offers a wide range of services that enable you to leverage virtual reality and 360-video production for your business or organization.

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Why choose VR Gorilla?

  • A well-known name in the VR Film world since 2015
  • Extensive experience with international productions for well-known brands
  • Only works with the highest quality VR Cameras and the latest technologies
  • Strong in storytelling in VR.
  • Focus on positive impact
  • Awarded various accolades (Spin-Award, Lovie-Award, Lamp and multiple film festival wins)

Let your audience experience your event as if they were there

With a 360 VR video, you bring your event to life in a way that traditional video cannot match. By capturing an event in VR, you offer visitors, fans, and customers the chance to relive the magic. This is not only a powerful tool for engagement and branding, but also an innovative way to promote and share your event with your audience.

We have already captured the dynamic atmosphere of a soccer match in the Johan Cruijff Arenafor our clients, unforgettable moments during the Amsterdam Dance Event and festivals such as “Vunzige Deuntjes” and “Have a Nice day“. We also created VR experiences of exclusive sporting events such as the Tour de France with cycling team DSM and the Jumbo Race Days with Max Verstappen.

How We Work

Concept and Strategy
Every VR project begins with your vision. Together we will discuss the purpose of the VR film, the key moments you want to capture, and how best to convey the unique atmosphere of your event.

Planning and Preparation
Based on your wishes, we create a production plan, including location scouting, technical requirements, and the schedule for the shooting days. We ensure seamless integration with the event, with minimal disruption to the experience for attendees.

Our team of VR experts and technicians record your event with state-of-the-art VR cameras to capture every nuance and dynamic. Whether capturing a breathtaking solo at a concert or the intensity of a sports final, we make sure the audience can relive it as if they were there.

The footage is assembled into a seamless VR experience, with the images optimized and enriched with any extras such as background music and graphics such as titles or highlights. Our goal is a final product that shows your event from the best perspective.

Whether you want to share the VR experience via social media or as part of a marketing campaign with, for example, the Meta Quest 3, we ensure smooth distribution that suits your platform and audience. We provide you with a plug-and-play app featuring your event, so your customers get the experience you desire.

If you have additional wishes for your app, such as choice moments or extensive branding options, our developers can also assist you.

Cardboard VR
We also offer the option to send branded cardboards. This allows customers to experience your event remotely by inserting their mobile phone into the cardboard while simultaneously receiving a piece of branding from your company at home.

An unforgettable experience
Are you ready to offer your audience an unforgettable experience with a VR recording of your event? We are happy to help you. Contact us for a conversation or request an indicative quote

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ID&T Vunzige Deuntjes Festival

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