A 360 VR Video or Film?

VR Gorilla is your partner in creating unique virtual reality experiences. Our award-winning studio, located in the heart of Amsterdam, offers a wide range of services that enable you to leverage virtual reality and 360-video production for your business or organization.

Whether you want to create a VR tour, capture an event in VR, need a VR promo video, develop a VR training, or tell the story of your NGO with a social impact VR documentary, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

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Why choose VR Gorilla?

  • A well-known name in the VR Film world since 2015
  • Extensive experience with international productions for well-known brands
  • Only works with the highest quality VR cameras and the latest technologies
  • Strong in storytelling in VR.
  • Focus on positive impact
  • Awarded various accolades (Spin-Award, Lovie-Award, Lamp and multiple film festival wins)

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A VR Solution for Every Sector

As a VR company, we have worked with many different clients and sectors. Choose the direction that best suits your needs below and learn more about our way of working.

VR Video Tour

With a 360° VR video tour, you open the doors to places and processes within your company that are not always easily accessible, taking customers on a journey through your unique world. (Some clients:Coca-Cola, Cono Cheesemakers, SigmaRoc, DSM..)

VR in Healthcare

From training for medical staff to empathy-enhancing experiences for better patient care, our “virtual reality in healthcare” solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients. (Some clients: UMC Amsterdam, Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland, Erasmus MC, Hogeschool Rotterdam.)

VR Event Registration

With a 360 VR video, you bring your event to life in a way that traditional video cannot match, giving visitors, fans, and customers the chance to relive the magic. (Clients: Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam Dance Event, Red Bull, Vunzige Deuntjes.)

Social Impact VR

Storytelling in VR is a powerful tool is to bring about social change because VR video offers the opportunity to have reality experienced from someone else’s eyes. It is therefore also called the empathy machine. (Some clients: Stichting Vluchting, Amref Flying Doctors, HEKS/EPER, IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative, Bubble Games Consortium..)

VR Product Promotion

An innovative approach to sharing your brand and product stories. Take your audience on a journey beyond traditional marketing, giving them a unique, interactive experience that brings them closer to your product. (Some clients: DELA, Nespresso, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, TI SENTO Milano, The Pizza Bakers.)

Interactive VR

In the rapidly changing technological world, interactive experiences offer a new dimension of learning and experiencing. VR has the power to enhance education in an interactive way. (Some clients: DSM, Johan Cruijf Arena, Hogeschool Rotterdam, IDH.)


Concept and Strategy

Everything starts with a conversation. We listen to your ideas, goals and the message you want to convey. Together we explore the core aspects of your project.

Planning and Preparation

Based on all your wishes, we develop a detailed script, app design, interactive elements that actively engage your target audience, and a schedule for all this. The process includes location selection, scene setup, and identifying key moments we want to capture together. We also discuss all logistical aspects to ensure a smooth production.


Our team goes out for the 360° video recordings, if applicable. We use the latest high-end VR cameras and technology, always with attention to detail. If there is acting, interviewing, or presenting, our directors guide these people step by step. We ensure that the recordings are done with respect for people and nature.


We combine the footage, optimize the quality, and integrate animations where necessary. his is also the time to add any additional content, such as textual explanations, background music, or a voice-over. Within a few feedback rounds, we work together towards the final result. We will continue until you are completely satisfied.

Distribution and plug-and-play app

When you want to showcase your production at a trade show, event, or to a client, on a headset like the Meta Quest, we ensure everything works directly and easily. This way, users cannot get lost in the wrong menu. Therefore, you get a plug-and-play app from us that houses your experience, providing your customers with the experience you desire.

If you have further wishes for your app, such as choice moments, interactivity, or extensive branding options, our developers can also assist you with that.

Cardboard VR

We also offer the possibility to send cardboards, printed in your brand style. This allows your customers to experience your VR experience remotely by inserting their mobile phone into the cardboard, while simultaneously receiving a piece of branding from your organization or project.

Interested in the possibilities of VR for your product or brand? Contact us for a free consultation or request a quote

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