Nespresso: Discover The Origin Of Javanese Coffee

Year: 2017

Nespresso travels the world to discover the best and most characteristic coffee flavours on earth. Together with photographer Sacha de Boer we visited Java, Indonesia to explore the origin of the Dharkan coffee beans.

We shot and post-produced portraits of 4 farmers on the Javanese coffee plantations. Their passion is to produce the best and most flavoursome coffee beans, all the while making sure to keep a divers and sustainable ecosystem.

You can experience their stories in 360 degrees by visiting the website (in Dutch). Fly over the plantations and choose where you want to land to get the full story. The stories will also be showcased as virtual reality experiences in flagship stores and during events.

Client: Nespresso
Production Company: Greenberry / VR Gorilla
DOP: Dajo Brinkman