Murchison Falls: A Wildlife Adventure

Year: 2021-2023

“Murchison Falls” is a groundbreaking 25-minute 360 VR film that transports the viewer into the heart of Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. This immersive experience showcases the park’s extraordinary beauty and its diverse ecosystem, where the Victoria Nile river flows through lush forests, savanna plains, and powerful waterfalls.  

Elephants serve as the central focus, with stunning close-up encounters that reveal their complex social behavior and intelligence. The film explores the park’s various habitats, from savanna and wetlands to the dramatic Murchison Falls themselves. The film takes the viewer on a breathtaking wildlife adventure, witnessing intimate moments with various species, including bathing warthogs, grazing giraffes, playful young lions, nosy hyenas, and a group of lions feasting on their prey.

Narrated by Sam Marks in an engaging voice-over, this VR film captures the essence of a Planet Earth-like experience, where the viewer is completely surrounded by the wonders of nature without any human presence. Amidst the natural wonder, “Murchison Falls” also addresses the pressing issues of climate change and human development within the park and the dire consequences they are having on the animals in the park.

“Murchison Falls” is here to take you on a thrilling journey through nature,  reminding us of our connection to all these incredible creatures and our responsibility to preserve their habitats.

Festival achievements:

LWIFF | Lonely Wolf: Nominee, Best Documentary Director
FIVARS: Official Selection
Cornwall Film Festival: Official Selection
Cine Paris Film Festival: Winner, Best 360 Film
Berlin Indie Film Festival: Winner, Best 360 Film
Brussels Capital Film Festival: Winner, Best 360 Film
Awareness Festival: Official Selection
Melbourne Documentary Film Festival: Winner, Best VR Documentary
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival: Official Selection
Barcelona Planet Film Festival: Honorable Mention
LifeArt Festival: Official Selection

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Production: VR Gorilla
Partners: / Roadtrip Uganda / Matoke Tours
Directors: Peter van Apeldoorn & Daan Tan
Camera: Daan Tan & Rob van Kollenburg
Sound: Henk van Engelen