Murchison Falls

Year: 2021
Release: Dec 2021

‘Murchison Falls’ is an upcoming VR Gorilla original documentary.

The film centers around Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda, arguably the most beautiful natural reserve in the ‘Pearl of Africa’. The film will show you its beauty and will create a sense of wonder by showing the park and it’s inhabitants in all its glory.

The park itself is what you would expect the Garden of Eden could have looked like: lush green vegetation, rolling hills, marshes and the river Nile bursting through the Murchison Falls. Giraffes, buffalos and a wide variety of other herbivores and omnivores can be found in great numbers and of course there are plenty of carnivores like lions, leopards and hyenas.

With their charismatic appearance, impressive size and general appeal the lead characters in the film are African elephants. Expect extraordinary moment with elephants drinking, feeding and interacting with each other. You will get closer to elephants than anyone has ever been!

Partners: / Roadtrip Uganda / Matoke Tours
Production: VR Gorilla / Matoke Tours / Roadtrip Uganda

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