komodo a paradise under pressure

Komodo: A Paradise Under Pressure

Year: 2017 – 2018
Release: May 2020

Our goal at VR Gorilla is to create virtual reality experiences with a positive impact. We proudly announce the upcoming release of ‘Komodo: Paradise Under Pressure’, a production that we have been working on under the radar for the past 8 months or so.

VR Gorilla has partnered with The Watermen Project and Blend Media to produce a VR documentary which focuses on Komodo National Park, Indonesia, and some of it’s iconic inhabitants: the Komodo Dragon and the Reef Manta amongst others.

The film shows the beauty and wonder of the national park, both onland and underwater, but will also show how this unique ecosystem is under pressure, mainly due to plastic pollution.

The film features multiple world record freediver and conservationist William Winram, his partner and protegé Lukas Müller and ‘queen of mantas’ Andrea Marshall.

National Geographic will showcase the film in their virtual reality cinema in Washington D.C.

Partners: The Watermen Project / Blend Media / Marine Megafauna Foundation
Production: VR Gorilla / The Watermen Project

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