IDH – Landscape Approach in Aceh Tamiang, Indonesia

Year: 2023

For IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative, we produced a VR film about their ‘Landscape Approach’ in the Aceh Tamiang region, on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. The film shows that palm oil can be produced sustainably while preserving the surrounding ecosystem. In Aceh Tamiang, farmers, government and companies together set a long-term vision and are working towards this together as part of a landscape approach.

By embracing this landscape approach, smallholder farmers have been able to obtain land rights, secure bank loans, and upgrade their farming equipment and knowledge. The farmers are able to get a higher yield from their existing land and are flourishing. In addition, previously land that has suffered from degradation or degeneration in the past is now being restored.

With over 3.200 farmers receiving their certifications, the film demonstrates the power of collaboration among various stakeholders, including government officials, companies, and NGOs, towards achieving sustainable development. In Aceh Tamiang the landscape approach is a proven success.

Client: IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative
Production: VR Gorilla & IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn
DOP & Aerial: Daan Tan
Sound engineer: Rob van Kollenburg
Application Development: Onix-Sytems