The Celebration of Freedom

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Tomorrow, in the Netherlands, we celebrate our freedom.

Unfortunately their are still numerous countries and regions where people do not live in freedom, but suffer from war and suppression. With VR Gorilla we have had the ‘privilege’ to visit some of these places in Iraq and recently in DR Congo, and witness firsthand the inhumane conditions millions of people are living in and how much help is needed for their most basic needs.

We hope that while enjoying and celebrating our own freedom we empathise with these people, and maybe try to do something to help. In case you need some help with empathising, you can come to one of the freedom festivals throughout the Netherlands and visit Iraqi refugee camps through the VR experience we made in 2016, hosted by Stichting Vluchteling / Nacht van de Vluchteling.

Within a few weeks we will add experiences from our recent trip to Congo!

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