Production in Kenya with Amref Flying Doctors

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We have just returned form an amazing and inspiring trip to Kenya, where we followed young Maasai girl Sereya, who is saying ‘no’ to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation); a practice that unfortunately is still widely spread within this culture.

Together with Amref Flying Doctors NL we followed Sereya as she went through the ‘Alternative Rite of Passage’, so she can become a respected and marriageable woman in her community without undergoing this painful and dangerous act. Besides the fact that she will not be put through the horror of ‘the cut’, she will also highly increase her chances to make it through a proper education, since she will not be forced to marry at an early age, as a lot of Maasai girls are directly after circumcision.

Stay tuned to experience the full story in VR!

This is not the first time VR Gorilla traveled to ‘the motherland’: our very first production ever was VR travel experience shot in Uganda (read more here), a neighbouring country of Kenya. It felt great to be back!

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