The Forgotten: Refugees in DRC Congo

Year: 2018

In March of this year we joined Stichting Vluchteling (SV) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) once again (in 2015 we traveled to Iraq for the production of The Pursuit of Happiness), this time to one of the most problematic countries in Africa – if not the world – DRC Congo.

Here, we visited several refugee camps in the Kivu province; one of the provinces struck hard by outbreaks of violence.

The situation in Congo is extremely urgent: approximately 4.5 million people are IDP’s: Internally Displaced People. They are refugees in their own country, receiving zero help from their government thus relying completely on help from civilians and ngo’s like SV and IRC.

DRC Congo has been in an ongoing crisis for multiple decades. Perhaps this is why we tend to forget it altogether. But the people there are in dire need of aid. Families have been torn apart, young girls are being held as sex-slaves, children are dying from TB and cholera.

Experience the intense stories of Yumba and Chungu; two girls struggling to find a life after being traumatized by the consequences of war.

Client: Stichting Vluchteling / The International Rescue Committee
Production Company: VR Gorilla
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn & Daan Tan
DOP: Daan Tan & Peter van Apeldoorn
Audio & sounddesign: Spook



Aras Gibieža: Motorcycle Stuntrider

Year: 2017
For Red Bull and Samsung we created a series of VR videos, focusing on Red Bull athletes from different disciplines.
One of the shoots we did was with Aras Gibieža, a motorcycle stuntrider from Lithuania. For this shoot we used a drone to create aerial shots, so you can fly next to Aras as he performs some of his craziest tricks!
Client: Red Bull / Samsung
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn / Daan Tan
DOP: Daan Tan / Peter van Apeldoorn
Aerial: Flyguys

Sereya: A Girl With A Mission

Year: 2018

Last December we joined Amref Flying Doctors on an inspiring trip to Kenya. We followed young Maasai girl Sereya, who is one of many young girls saying ‘no’ to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation); a practice that unfortunately is still widely spread within this, otherwise beautiful, culture.

The VR documentary follows Sereya as she goes through the ‘Alternative Rite of Passage’; a ceremony that is being adopted by the community as an alternative for circumcision. Get to know Sereya as she shows you around her Boma, watch her make new friends at the ARP and be with her as she feels the excitement of ‘candle night’ where she will be accepted as a young woman by her community.

Click here to watch the full film in 6K stereoscopic VR.

Client: Amref Flying Doctors
Production Company: VR Gorilla
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn & Daan Tan
DOP: Daan Tan & Peter van Apeldoorn

Komodo: A Paradise Under Pressure

Year: 2017 – 2018
Release: April 2018

Our goal at VR Gorilla is to create virtual reality experiences with a positive impact. We proudly announce the upcoming release of ‘Komodo: Paradise Under Pressure’, a production that we have been working on under the radar for the past 8 months or so.

VR Gorilla has partnered with The Watermen Project and Blend Media to produce a VR documentary which focuses on Komodo National Park, Indonesia, and some of it’s iconic inhabitants: the Komodo Dragon and the Reef Manta amongst others.

The film will show the beauty and wonder of the national park, both onland and underwater, but will also show how this unique ecosystem is under pressure, mainly due to plastic pollution.

The film features multiple world record freediver and conservationist William Winram, his partner and protegé Lukas Müller and ‘queen of mantas’ Andrea Marshall.

Partners: The Watermen Project / Blend Media / Marine Megafauna Foundation
Production: VR Gorilla / The Watermen Project
Written & directed by: Peter van Apeldoorn & Daan Tan

Nespresso: Discover The Origin Of Javanese Coffee

Year: 2017

Nespresso travels the world to discover the best and most characteristic coffee flavours on earth. Together with photographer Sacha de Boer we visited Java, Indonesia to explore the origin of the Dharkan coffee beans.

We shot and post-produced portraits of 4 farmers on the Javanese coffee plantations. Their passion is to produce the best and most flavoursome coffee beans, all the while making sure to keep a divers and sustainable ecosystem.

You can experience their stories in 360 degrees by visiting the website (in Dutch). Fly over the plantations and choose where you want to land to get the full story. The stories will also be showcased as virtual reality experiences in flagship stores and during events.

Client: Nespresso
Production Company: Greenberry / VR Gorilla
DOP: Dajo Brinkman

Visit Cuba in Virtual Reality with JetBlue Airways and VR Gorilla

Year: 2016
In the summer of 2016 we partnered with JetBlue Airways and Ascape VR to create the first virtual reality experience of one of the most special islands in the Caribbean: Cuba!
A series that takes you from the bustling Havana to the tranquil Holguin.
Client: JetBlue Airways
Production company: VR Gorilla / Ascape VR
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn
DOP: Daan Tan

Kenan Sofuoğlu, Supersport Racing Experience

Year: 2016

A chance to step into the shoes of 5 time World Champion Supersport Kenan Sofuoğlu! Experience what is like to have full control over a supersport motorcycle. The experience was part of a campaign for Red Bull Turkye, people in supermarkets were able to download the experience when purchasing a 6-pack of Red Bull.

Visit campaign website:

Client: Red Bull Turkye
Production Company: VR Gorilla
Director: Daan Tan
Audiomix & sounddesign:

KLM Flight Upgrader

Year: 2017
Enjoy the KLM Flight Upgrader: a virtual reality application for iOS and Android that allows viewers to experience what it is like to be onboard a KLM flight. This project won a golden SpinAward in the ‘media’ category!
With KLM’s Flight Upgrader, you can upgrade your budget flight to a KLM flight in Virtual Reality. Just start the app, put it in a Cardboard or VR headset and start enjoying all the benefits of all-inclusive flying.

KLM Flight Upgrader website:

Download the app here:

VR Gorilla produced the virtual reality application as well as the campaign video, together with sister company Het Amsterdams Filmbedrijf.
Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Production company: VR Gorilla
Director VR: Arne Toonen
DOP: Dajo Brinkman

Meet The Mountain Gorillas

Year: 2015

There are only 800 mountain gorillas left in the world.

In 2015 we set out to the border between Uganda and Congo to be the first to capture these magnificent animals in VR. A young Gorilla stole the show when he grabbed our camera and filmed himself for several minutes.
Looking into his human-like eyes, you realise once more how similar to us they are and how important the protection of this majestic and elusive animal is.

Lots of media picked up on the story including Discovery Channel, Fox and Ryot.

Client / partner: Matoke Tours
Production Company: VR Gorilla
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn
DOP: Daan Tan

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