At VR Gorilla we develop interactive training and educational tools by combining VR film, CGI and educational software. Virtual Reality training is a great solution when you want to prepare staff or students for situations that are too difficult, dangerous or expensive to be trained by each participant in real-life.

Prepare team-members on how to behave according to the safety procedures when working on a wind-turbine platform, experience and practice a sales-pitch with an experienced salesperson, learn and understand what people who get bullied go through or experience what working in a warehouse of a big supermarket is all about. The possibilities are endless.

iraq vr refugee


The advantage of using real-life scenes filmed in VR is the high level of realism the user experiences. If you want to prepare your staff or students for the reality of certain moments or environments, an app with a number of filmed VR-scenes and interactive moments of choice is a very effective and cost-efficient solution.


A different option we provide is a fully graphically designed environment in which you are free to move and interact. This game engine built solution is often more expensive than film, but it is perfect for training specific actions, like fixing an engine block, using a specific high risk machine or practicing a chirurgical procedure. And with the arrival of new Oculus Quest headset, it has become a very portable and easy to use solution.


If you are interested in developing a training or educational tool for your organisation please contact us. We will gladly join into a conversation to see which solution is most fitting for your project.