Peter van Apeldoorn


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Daan Tan


I am a creative entrepreneur with a strong passion for projects with a social impact.

After studying (well at least trying..) Musicology, I got a bachelor in Social Work – focussing on event & media production. I love to travel and a.o. organised a cultural festival in Uganda for several years in a row.

Film had always been a passion for me and as an autodidact I had some experience in filming and editing. But it wasn’t until joining forces with Peter in The Amsterdam Filmcompany I truly developed as a filmmaker (thanks Peter!).

Within VR Gorilla I’m very comfortable in any role. From creative concept to stitching – I’m well aware of the technical possibilities and restrictions of VR filming and storytelling.

I’m also probably one of the more experienced VR camera operators in the Netherlands, since I’ve been filming 360 & VR for over 4 years with various cameras and setups.